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Memoirs of a Muscle Car: The Formative Years - Part 5 & End

When has my birthday never not made urdsama not totally rock on so many levels... My love is as deep as a really vastly deep and vast thing. ♥ Also, had a few comm posting deletes... don't forget to read the rules before posting new threads folks! Thanks!

Memoirs of a Muscle Car: The Formative Years - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

And the (double) conclusion!:

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merry dean-mus

With Parting Sorrow - Warning!

This is our FIRST comic that will come with a warning!

I guess it's best be understood that besides the show itself we here at the_dean_show pretty much hold nothing sacred. It's a free-for-all. The show has many fine qualities. Many to stare at. Many to wonder at. Many to ride on. And many more to make fun of. XD

SO IF the episode of S2: Heart emotionally devastated you to the point of no turning back, than THIS comic is NOT for you. However, if you thought that episode deserved some fun to be poked in its direction for some of its disjointed and confounding melodrama then you found just the comic strip you've been looking for.... Now that you've been warned, do with that clicky link as you may....

Spoilers for S2: Heart obviously within...

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