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The Dean Show Slumber Party

We'll make smores, braid hair & talk about who can jump a fence more hottly...

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choking sammy is love.

W E L C O M E Rules & Stuff

Welcome to The Dean Show Slumber Party!

This comm was created to archive the chibi artwork and comic strips by Olga (urdsama) based on the WB/CW's Supernatural aka THE DEAN SHOW. And perhaps a bit of Dark Angel when she's in the mood…

Our goal here, is silly and fun! *freezes yer bra* *or your boxer shorts*

All images may be reposted privately or printed for personal use. Feel free to make them into icons or whatever ya like! If you do, please credit urdsama!

Please, no hotlinking.

Some of these comics may contain spoilers for aired episodes only, that have been broadcast in the United States PST. If it hasn't been on TV yet, you won't see it here.

The maintain/mod-dude of this comm is minkmix @ minkland@aol.com

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Jump into your Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag (or 1960's Impala bag) and we'll re-watch episodes until we finally determine who actually looks hotter whilst cleaning guns/sleeping/driving/scooby dooing/other. (We will also laugh at cute chibi comics while we crank call random people in the phone book with the last name of Winchester.)

We do not have any merchandising or a CafePress store. We will not be creating one in the future nor will permission be granted to a third party to use any the_dean_show images for sale. It would be nice to sport a chibi!dean across our racks but we don't wanna be nailed by any CW lawyers orbiting our rebel base in a Death Star.

While we love it all, this comm is sadly not built for fanfic, stand alone pimpage for other comms/contests/other, general SPN graphics or manips, delicious pic spam, screencaps or general SPN discussion outside of existing threads.

Please do so in comms much cooler than ours! We suggest: supernatural_tv · supernaturalfic · snslashnotebook · darkangelfic · totaldeangirl

Can you post here too? Sure!
Got The Dean Show graphics? We'd love to see them! Icons, wallpaper, bring it on! (Making a post with "The Dean Show" graphics mixed in with your other fandoms is fine btw!) Anything to spread the Winchester!Chibi Lurve.

Does Olga take requests? If she is up to it, we will be sure to make a post to let ya know!

Have incredible amounts of fun while yer here. Or at least smile. ;)
All characters of CW's Supernatural are copyrighted by their various owners. This is non-profit fanwork.